High Altitude Balloon Services

Promotional Launches

Send your company or event into the stratosphere! Our Space Balloons are the perfect platform for taking spectacular images and video in nearspace. Your advertising and marketing campaigns will be truly out of this world with our HD video and images. We also have capabilities for live streaming during the flight.

Space Balloons by EAL Promotional Launch Image Space Balloons by EAL Promotional Launch Image

Space Balloons by European Astrotech can also send up products to the edge of near space as we did we a pint of London Pride that we tried to deliver to Major Tim Peak aboard the ISS on behalf of Fullers beer. We can factor in the set-up, launch, tracking and recovery of your brand or product into your promotional events

Please feel free to contact us about ideas for launch your brand into space and we can come upwith a suitable package and proposal that suits your needs and budget.

Space Balloons by EAL Promotional Launch Image Space Balloons by EAL Promotional Launch Image

Special Occassions

We can also create unique gifts and memories for weddings, birthdays and other special occassions. Send your friends and relatives to the edge of space! If you are interested please contact us or keep an eye out on our social media pages, where we will advertise space on our payloads. 

Space Balloons by EAL Special Occassion Birthday Image
Space Balloons by EAL Special Occassion Wedding Image

Microgravity and Low Pressure Environments

We are experimenting with high altitude balloons and microgravity. The G-forces acting on the payload were monitored during a test flight using the accelerometer on the AstroPi computer. The payload experiences 6 seconds of freefall after the ball burst. We are refining our payloads to reduce drag and looking at ways to safely deploy parachutes to maximise the time a payload spends in freefall. We aim to use high altitude balloons as an platform for microgravity experiments. High Altitude Balloons have many advantages over current microgravity test facilities, most importantly they cost significantly less. If you are pursuing research in microgravity and would like to work with us in developing a new service, please get in touch. 

Space Balloons are also perfect for experimenting in the harsh atmospheric conditions of near space. The temperatures and pressures at 30km above the Earth are comparable to those on Mars. Space Balloons provide a test bench for experiments designed to find out the effects of different atmosphers on cells, plants, food, electronics, etc.