Welcome to Mission Control

Welcome to Mission Control. Watch our flights live and follow along for updates. We participate in the UK High Altitude Society, which is an incredibly talented and commited group who are passionate about the science and technology of sending things to the edge of space.The HABHUB tracker will show you the location of high alitude balloon flights happening in the world. You can search for the names (callsigns) of our space balloon launches in our twitter messages. We will continue to add more to this page until it allows you to track every aspect of our flights.

Upcoming Flights

Name Description Date
Berkhamstead BerkoHAB 08/05/2017
Waddesdon Skin cells in space 12/07/2017
Waddesdon Plants in space 12/07/2017

Previous Flights

NameDescriptionDateLandingDistance (miles)Max Altitude (m)Flight Time (mins)Ascent Rate (m/s)Notes
BALYOLO20Microgravity Test15/09/2016Near Chipping Norton29282361126.5Raspberry Pi Accelerometer
BERKOHAB2Berkhamsted School10/06/2016Maids Morton62340674Altitude Record
PINT4TIMFullers, redi2drinq13/04/2016Henlow, Bedfordshire32299781375Totally Awesome!
VALKYRIEWaddesdon Y1211/04/2016Honiley, West Midlands58319061405.8Speed of Sound
HERMESWaddesdon Y1311/04/2016Fen End, West Midlands58332451405Liquids Experiment
AcornChadlingon26/02/2016RAF Lakenheath115303961077New Ballons add 3km
ScorpionRoyal Latin12/02/201625km off the east coast209333621404Drowned
BALYOLO9Birthday Balloon09/09/2015Chipping Norton30154361362.9GoPro Video Fault
BLUESKYLoom to the Moon27/02/2015Great Massingham123331561594.8GoPro Video Fault
BERKOHABBerkhamsted School07/05/2015Linton9127522926Very Rainy Filling
GRIFFENAbingdon School23/04/2015Shifford Oxfordshire12294101176Fast Descent
BoSSStowe School04/12/2014Tree near Santa Pod333254419751st HABbyEAL Project
BALYOLO 8Wedding in Space11/09/2014Sonning Common33260883182.5Wedding
BALYOLO 7Beer in Space03/09/2014Towcaster26245642452Beer in Space 2
BALYOLO 6Pub Launch05/07/2014Chatteris752889984SD Card Overloaded
BALYOLO 5Beer Practice26/06/2014Wotton34227651165.6Practice pub and very long corn
BALYOLO 4No Wind!30/04/2014Great Hampden183219590Altitude Record no Pictures
BALYOLO 3Alan & Steve01/04/2014Flitwick3322201886.7
BALYOLO 2Disaster12/03/2014Lost in North SeaLots?lots1.5Incorrect Filling and GPS Failure
BALYOLO 11st Test25/02/2014Chatteris7520574956