Launch Diaries

HAB Griffen Soars in Textbook Flight from Abingdon School

2015-04-23 21:04:09

On Thursday 23rd April EAL will assist the Habbers from Abingdon School in their launch. Since January a group of 10 students have been learning how to track, build, test and launch a space balloon. They have also got some very interesting experiments to fly onboard. The payload will contain: 2 GoPros, a light frequency sensor to try and detect Rayleigh scattering, a datalogger measuring humidity, temperature and pressure, the radio transmitting GPS board, a grape and a legoman. Follow the live tracking of the flight path ( and look for 'GRIFFEN'. Launch will be at approximately 10.30am. Live twitter feed will also be availble: 

Watch this space balloon!

The Griffen HAB was launched by Abingdon School on St George's Day and performed flawlessly, reaching a peak altitude of 29.41 km and enduring temperatures of -39 C before returning to Earth within metres of its recovery team.  The project was supervised by EAL who gave lectures on all aspects of the mission before assisting in the launch and recovery.

Check out the stills and videos here: